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Compare C110-9 Compressor


Designed for the toughest site conditions, whether it’s for road building, civil engineering or restoration work, this range of compressors offers outstanding reliability, performance and compressed air quality, with fully accessible doors to make maintenance easy. The compressor (as standard), is equipped with numerous options, offering a substantial cost saving to the customer. The inclusion of two batteries ensures reliable performance which can be achieved even in the coldest weather. The long life cycle of these compressors is further enhanced by the additional engine management protection. Diesel engines from the QSB 4.5 range from Cummins, a world leader in diesel engine production, are fitted with electronic fuel injection to meet all the quality standards with regards to exhaust emissions.


  • Progressive Volume Flow Regulation - Engine speed and air intake regulation are automatically adapted to compressed air requirement
  • Air End with Spin-on Oil Filter Cartridge - For quick and easy maintenance
  • Compressor Oil Temperature Regulating Valve - Ensures safe operation of compressor at low ambient temperatures or extreme partial load
  • Central Lifting Eye - For easy handling by crane
  • Operational Reliability - Designed for -10°C to + 50°C ambient temperature
  • Sheet Steel Fuel Tank - With direct visual level indication
  • Digital Display - All the necessary operation data at a glance
  • Quick and Easy Pressure Setting

Automatic Protection in Case of Malfunction:

  • Engine oil pressure too low
  • Cooling water temperature too high
  • Intercooler temperature too high
  • Airend temperature too high
  • Engine cooling water level too low
  • Fuel level too low
  • Water in fuel pre filter
  • Load control (v-belt break, alternator defect)
  • Hardware errors
  • Fault Memory with Detailed Operating Data