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Norkse Skog

ABandP where contracted by Brambles Industrial Services to undertake the remediation of two of the Conveyor belt towers in the Norke Skog Paper mill Log Yard after a fire broke out and extensively damaged the protective coatings on the structural steel of the conveyor towers. We mobilized to site and over a six month period we utilized mist blast technology (Water is injected into the blast medium to reduce dust) to remove the damaged paint and any smoke affected areas then pressure washed each section and then applied primer coat over the freshly blasted steel. We could only blast small sections to ensure all that was blasted daily had to be pressure washed to remove contaminates and then painted too prevent further corrosion We subsequently applied an intermediate coat of paint and a top coat of a polyurethane paint to provide the required level of anticorrosion protection as per out clients requests.