Abrasive Blasting & Painting Services

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Abrasive Blasting
and Painting Services
surface preparation and coating application specialists for industry, primary production, and processing plants
Surface Preparation
on heavy industrial equipment, vehicles, trays, trailers, outdoor furniture and more
Coating Application
for power stations, inlet gates, processing plants, water treatment plants and more
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Read About Services

Customer focused

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Abrasive Blasting and Painting Services

Our wide range of services include:


As a local Tasmanian business based in Hobart we are here to look after your blasting and protective equipment coating needs. We recognise the importance of ensuring that the substrate is prepared to exceed or meet the specification, moisture has been removed, the substrate is stable and profile of the substrate meets the specifications from the coating manufacturer.


We take occupational health and safety very seriously and are leading the industry in protection from silica dust inhalation. We have invested heavily in silica dust protection which includes air purifiers, silica approved vacuum cleaners, and equipment that all include dust collection.  This is to protect our staff on the job and also others who we share work sites with.  We also have a wearable silica dust detector so we can keep a check on silica dust air contamination while we work.  We have had major work sites also tested by Hobart City Council with favourable results.

View our services and contact us today to discuss your next project, on site service, or maintenance needs.

We use the latest abrasive and water blasting technology to prepare surfaces for our clients.

We remove graffiti with environmentally friendly processes and apply coatings and substrates to stop it coming back.

you can rely on AB&P to get the job done on your site quickly, efficiently and cleanly.

We take the time to tailor the protective coatings to customer needs.


Our abrasive blasting facility is based in Hobart, Tasmania. 

We remove coatings, mill-scale and corrosion in preparation for coating application.  We prepare surfaces for vehicles, trays, trailers and outdoor furniture. We can service you either on site via our mobile surface preparation units or at our Moonah location.

Our abrasive blasting utilises steel grit, garnet, glass, soda and water for contaminated surfaces. Our removal services include graffiti, lead paint, coal tar epoxy and chlorinated rubber.  Our specialised protective surface coatings applications include intumescent, industrial, marine and floor coatings.  See below for details about our services.

Abrasive and Water Blasting

AP&P use state-of-the-art method and technology to provide abrasive -blasting solutions to our industrial clients. From heavy grit and high-pressure for the tough jobs to ultra -fine for the most delicate surface, AB&P has the right tools for your project. Our trained and certified applicators have successfully completed many major projects throughout the state.

We are currently use four standard types of media for blasting

  • Steel grit, a cost-effective general-purpose media. Typically used for, steel fabrication, gates railings, casting and cast-iron outdoor furniture.
  • Garnet is available in various grades and is used on steel or at a low pressure for more delicate items or jobs which require a smoother finish. These include car panels, truck chassis, sheet metal, glass, aluminum and concrete etching as well as general blasting work.
  • Soda blasting is available on request for car panels, glass, plastic and surface cleaning without creating a profile.
  • Water blasting is an effective method to clean or prepare surfaces in conjunction with abrasive blasting or before the application of protective coating. Pressure varies from 1000psi to 10,000 psi.

Graffiti Removal

AB&P utilizes non-sacrificial long lasting, environmentally friendly anti-graffiti coatings for a variety of substrates including both porous (stone, concrete) and non-porous (metal, stainless steel and plastic). Another advantage of solution provides long lasting protection for almost any surface. It eliminates the need for costly repainting, repairs and labor-intensive cleaning.

Mobile Surface Preparation

On Site Services

With a range of mobile equipment and the highest standard in OH&S and quality management you can rely on AB&P to get the job done on your site quickly, efficiently and cleanly so you can get back to operating as normal.

From regular site maintenance to one off projects come and talk to us about how we partner with you in site to ensure that your maintenance or project are completed to the highest standard with our mobile tent and extraction system.

Protective/Industrial Coating

The selection of the most suitable protective coating and surface preparation requires professional advice.At AB&P we take the time to provide you with quality, professional advice and a comprehensive quote on the cost and time required to complete your project and achieve the highest quality finish.AB&P offers tailored solutions for the application of protective coating with a comprehensive range of quality controlled industrial and marine coating applications and a range of coating that consider adhesion, chemical bonding, wear resistance, maintenance and cost efficiency factors.
  • Rust control/Effective corrosion
  • Reducing the effects of wear and tear
  • Creating maximum strength
  • Creating an extended lifespan for your steel product or structure


  • Structural Steel
  • Marine
  • Lift Frame
  • Floor & Walkways

We are internationally accredited in the application of fire resistant coatings.

Fire protection

AB&P are accredited applicators of international intumescent coatings. Protection is serious business; we can apply coating that will prolong the structural integrity of steel when faced with a fire. We have coating available from international paints to meet your specific fire protection needs for your Tasmanian location.

AB&P is a specialist supplier and application of wide range of fire protective coatings such as epoxy intumescent coating and paints. These include thin film intumescent paint, epoxy insulation, fire retardant coating and mastics to protect steel, aluminum, composites, timber and fabrics.

Our Work

Our Work

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